• A silent advent calendar

    On our small farm we notice the rhythm of the year. The seasons are much more present to me now, in a very grounded way, than they were when I lived in the city. The daily rhythm too matters. Feeding the chickens, checking the sheep, walking the dogs. The rhythm helps me to notice what is present, it nurtures and grounds. In this season, somewhere on the cusp of winter in this odd year, the invitation feels even stronger to make time to notice, to use the darkening days to turn inward, to let winter do what winter does best: withdrawal and silent transformation, stirring under the surface, noticing quietly.

    And I thought – what if I chose to be silent for one hour each day, what if I shared that with others. It feels a commitment, it stirs me, I feel a tinge of fear. It seems right.


    Maybe it doesn’t work for a full hour at first. Maybe you start and listen to the quote and then stop. Some days the silence may feel like a bath. Other days it may be impossible to get beyond an intention. And yet, you can know that some people will be silent that day, for you also. And maybe after 24 days you have found what it gives you and what it doesn’t. Maybe you have noticed things you otherwise wouldn’t have. About yourself, about where you are.

    The invitation

    And so, here’s the invitation for you to join on this journey – and spend one hour in silence, each day from 1-24 December, the days towards the solstice, towards Christmas, towards the turning of the light. To hold the space and time, I will offer each day
    • a picture and a short reflection on what this season is giving us, mostly from here on our small farm
    • a daily quote or poem from other writers that can inspire the silent hour
    • a few journaling questions for you to use as you want – and spoken towards the end of the hour.

    And I will hold the silence with you each day, on Instagram live or on zoom (tbc), between 08.00 and 09.00 CET. You can join the live hour if you want, or replay it at a later time, or simply make your own silence in your own space using the quotes and the questions.

    Twenty-four silent hours, together or apart. A rhythm. A chance to notice the light slowly fading until we reach solstice and just beyond. Reflective. Guided. In the rhythm, of the season. In a way it becomes your own silent advent calendar. One where each day you open a small inner window. And bring your own chocolate.


    As it is an experiment, it will be €75,00 including VAT/BTW to join. And 10% of that will go to Warchild – to enable children in Yemen who the world is largely silent about to eat or go to school. If you are interested, please contact me on anjet {at} studiostilte.nl – and include that email address in your address book. I will then make sure to send you payment details, and from 1 December the daily emails and a connection to the Instagram or zoom account that will host this.

    Warmly, Anjet

    PS - You can also do this in Dutch, and via a podcast, with theartistswayonline, we are developing this jointly.